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Sylvie Attard, a passionate artist's journey to the world of goldsmithing

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In 2005, Sylvie Attard created her own brand in order to share her love for her work as anartisan goldsmith. But it is since always that she is really passionate about the craft, and the art in general.


Very early on, her Maltese origins provided her with great inspiration: the craft of silver filigree, bobbin lace and ganutell fascinated and influenced her.


Discover the rich journey that led Sylvie to her captivating business as anartisan goldsmith and silversmith.

Its trainings

2004 - Precious metal wireworking workshop and continuing education with Preston J. Reuter in Vicksburg - USA

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2020 - Continuing education in mixed media acrylic painting with Maria Grossbaum /Abyssimo

2007 - Workshop on ornamental stonework with Jim Macintosh in London

His artistic vision

Sylvie Attard draws her inspiration from nature and the world around her. The art pieces she creates are always made with great rigor, but Sylvie wishes to work with her sensitivity.


Passing on his commitment by creating with passion and heart is one of his priorities.

She wants this artistic process to be reflected in her compositions, to make them authentic, sincere and luminous.  

His commitments

Offering you a quality service is essential.

Made in France, its creations are made with high quality materials and high quality stones, carefully selected.


Flavy Art allows you to manage your order from A to Z, from the choice of raw materials to the delivery.

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Custom Order

You are a professional

In order for you to enjoy a unique custom-made piece of art, Flavy gives you the opportunity to choose the medium, the metals and the high-end stones that correspond to your project.

You are an individual

Flavy Art wants to make its art objects accessible and adaptable to your budget. Opt for the use ofa personal stone, and give an original touch to your object.

These works of art take some time to make, and are designed with high quality materials. Only orders of a certain value can be processed.


From the love of manual work to the craft of goldsmith and silversmith

Sylvie Attard spent the first 15 years of her professional life as a sales assistant in tourism, then in industry.


Sensitive by nature since her childhood, she finds refuge in her spare time in manual work, making jewelry. Designing with her hands is a true revelation, and gives Sylvie Attard the intoxicating passion she has never known before. It is therefore natural that she chooses to devote her life to creating.


She ended up devoting herself totally to her activity as a metal and gemstone craftswoman, and founded her own brand. She continues to practice and perfect her technique, offering custom work and makeovers of antique jewelry. She then began to market her work in several stores, and turned to the creation of unique art objects.

The mastery of multiple craft techniques

Sylvie Attard learns to master various techniques throughout her career. 

Passionate about gemstones, she trained and developed her expertise in gemology.

While traveling in the United States, she learned to shape metal threads (gold weaving, embroidery, fine thread sewing...).

She also trains in mixed media acrylic painting .

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International collaborations

His passion for gemmology leads him to collaborate with international lapidaries since 2011.


These specialists work and cut the stones by hand.


This partnership gives her access to a large selection of quality gems, which she uses in her creations.

The Blog

Find the latest news from Flavy Art.

Share her universe, her meetings, and meet her at various events. 

His experiences as a goldsmith

With 20 years of experience, Sylvie Attard is passionate about her work and is constantly seeking to learn and refine her skills as a goldsmith.


She has worked several times with other artists in various exhibitions.


She regularly participates in trade shows and collaborates with professionals such as Dacrylthe art gallery Thuillier, Artshoppingor even Maison & Jardin.

In 2007, she is registered at the Chamber of Trades of Aisne as an artisan manufacturer of precious and semi-precious jewelry.


Since 2008, she is a member and sponsor of the American association SRAJD (Self-Representing Artist Jewelry Designer)


In 2008, Sylvie Attard also joined the Ateliers d'Art de France.

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