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Goldsmith jeweller,
& Gold & Gems Wire Weaver

Exceptional, unique and custom-made artworks.

Weaving amethysts on Mandala by Flavyart
example of a french goldsmith's piece bronz put in situation
DJAMANT slice luminous art object by Flavyart
DJAMANT objet d'art by Flavyart



FLAVY reassurance.png


FLAVY reassurance.png


Goldsmith artist of artworks and decoration

French jeweler and goldsmith, Flavy, aka Sylvie Attard, shares her know-how through unique art and decoration pieces.


Her exceptional creations reflect the richness of her professional experiences in France and abroad.


Flavy Art is a real meeting between jewelry, fine stones, gold weaving and metal work, which honors the art ofFrench goldsmithing.

Realization of high quality French silverware

Flavy Art offers you delicate and elegant artworks : paintings, objects and accessories adorned with precious gemstones and gold wires in large format.


Made in France, these are finely crafted using multiple artisanal techniques, and the artistic vision of a true enthusiast.


For interior decoration, for exhibition or for a project that is important to you, her creations are always designed with great care and rigor.

Customized and personalized creations

Flavy Art allows you to personalize the pieces of silverware you want, according to your needs.


For specific orders, his work is custom made to best meet your request.


Choose a particular type of product (painting, art object, accessory...), or take this opportunity to use a personal stone, promising an original creation that looks like you. Models to personalize can also be proposed to you, according to your project.

Bizzilla by Flavyart

20 years of expertise and know-how of a French jeweler and goldsmith

Flavy Art puts her experience and passion for handmade art at the service of the high-end art and decoration pieces she makes.


She started out as a jewelry designer, then trained in techniques that complement her practice. She has been working as an artisan for over twenty years.


She continues to improve her skills by attending workshops with art masters, and various distance learning courses. In addition, Flavy Art regularly collaborates with artists, participates in professional shows and various exhibitions.

Their opinions

The jewelry in this store is just like the designer: beautiful, delicate and with a lot of heart! Thank you! 

Florence C.

Oh thank you so much Flavy ! It was sublime to open this beautiful box and discover this work of Princess ! What a marvel! I am even more amazed! Thank you so much and congratulations for so much beauty!

Véronique F.

I love the combination of stones, colors and metals, it is sublime. Congratulations 

Roselyne F.

Latest News

slice of rhodochrosite set in gold from the painting Bizzilla by Flavyart.jpg

The rhodochrosite or the stone of the Incas 

The rhodochrosite or dialogite draws its name from the Greek "rhodon" pink and "chrosis" color. It belongs to the family of carbonates and the group of calcite.

It was first exploited as a decorative stone around 1930 under the names of Inca rose and Inca rose and then marketed as a gem around 1950.

Rhodochrosite is the most wonderful anti-stress stone. It is said to be a remarkable transmitter of energy, warming the heart, awakening feelings of love, tenderness and compassion.

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High quality gemstones

An expert in gemology, Flavy has always been passionate about minerals.


In order to allow you to benefit from valuable pieces of art, she has been collaborating directly with international lapidaries for more than 10 years.


These experts work and finely cut the gems by hand. This partnership gives her a direct access to a vast selection of high quality gems.

Amethyst set Genna by Flavyart
gold thread by Flavyart

Unique artworks 

Flavy Art is also the promise of having a unique art object, without reproduction.


Each piece is made with the aim of offering you an original, authentic and singular piece.

Member of Ateliers d'Art de France

It is in 2008 and on file that Sylvie Attard joined the Ateliers d'Art de France. In addition to acting on the development of professionals, this organization brings together and promotes the craftsmen, artists and art workshops throughout France.

Citrine amethyst and lemon quartz by Flavyart

Flavy Art, between artist's work and craftsman's work 

In 2005, Sylvie Attard created her brand, Flavy Art, in order to share her passion for manual art.


Her artistic vision and his rich professional experience combine to take shape in his work.


Find out more about her life.

A wealth of technical know-how

Flavy mixes materials as she mixes the various techniques she has learned to master over time.


The work of metal threads, the expertise in precious stones, the creation of jewelry, the confection of works in large format, or also painting are part of his skills.

Secure delivery

The delivery is offered to you in a white glove, in complete safety. 

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